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Honey & Mustard 'Catherine Wheel' Sausages

Tasty homemade honey & mustard sausages with a sticky sweet glaze - the ideal treat for bonfire night!

Make these as big or as small as you like - serve up as a centrepiece to your dish like we have, or create mini bitesized treats for your friends and family.

We have used our honey & mustard sausage mix for this, but feel free to change up the flavour to suit - try chilli, teriyaki or thai sausages.



  1. Add the minced meat & sausage mix to a large bowl and combine, add 100ml cold water and mix thoroughly, the mix should be well binded.

  2. Fill the sausage meat into casings using a sausage stuffer - use a little oil on your hands to make this easier.

  3. Don't link the sausages as you make them, create a long sausage and roll into a large coil shape - or alternatively, roll shorter sausages into a coil shape and securw with a cocktail stick.

  4. Mix the honey and mustard in a bowl, brush over the sausages until well coated.

  5. Place the sausages on a baking tray and cook in the oven until cooked through (size depending) - or cook in the airfryer!

  6. Serve warm with a mustard dip.

Video tutorial - sausage making

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