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Across the pond!

Our customers go far and wide beyond the UK, with products shipping every day to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all across Europe.

Our international customers are huge fans of the burger & sausage seasonings, a lot of them being expats looking for that little taste of home.

Customer favourites across the world are our Lorne sausage seasoning, scotch pie seasoning, black pudding mix - bringing that little taste of Scotland wherever you are.

Also a customer fav are the traditional British favourites such as the Old English sausage seasoning & haslet mix, as well as many other world flavours.

We ship to most countries across the world - if you aren't sure if we ship to you, or would like more information on shipping costs etc then don't be afraid to contact us!

You can do so via email / social media / phone or at the contact us section of this blog.

"Cannot get decent sausage in Hungary, so make our own with your seasonings. Love them."

Julie Ward / Hungary

"Excellent communication plus top grade spices and mixes ! Thanks Joe"

Philippe Riffault / France


Please continue to share your experiences & products / produce form across the world - we LOVE to see your creativity & passion for cooking.

Who knows, you might even win a little DISCOUNT CODE!

Where in the world are you reading from?

  • Scotland

  • UK

  • Australia & New Zealand

  • USA

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