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Customer Spotlight - @fordysfeasts

We love seeing what our customers create on a daily basis & Andrew here is no exception!

Instagram: @fordysfeasts

By posting easy, family friendly recipes daily, he reimagines food (& our products) in ways that no one else does - talent!

Thanks for the creativity, ideas & making us constantly hungry Andrew.

Check out below for some of his delicious creations.

Doner Kebab

Starting with everyone's favourite - our doner kebab seasoning!

here our doner seasoning is paired with lamb mince, making an authentic tasting doner - cooked with the kebab spike from kebab spike co.

"Quite possibly the best thing ever right, and even better when it's made at home with quality!"

<-- check out his recipe reel here.

Chicken Biriyani

Made using our Biriyani Masala Seasoning - a quick & easy authentic tasting meal

Check out the recipe reel for this tasty dish here -->

Tandoori Chicken Pizza

As you will see from his page, Andrew is no stranger to the pizza oven & his creations look GOOD.

This one was topped with chicken using our tandoori masala, onions & cheese!

We love the pizza content - keep it up!

Check out our tandoori chicken recipe here

Salt & Chilli Burgers

Lastly (for now) is Andrews take on these unreal salt & chilli burgers - using our salt & chilli burger mix

He paired this tasty seasoning with turkey mince - creating a deliciously juicy burger.

Topped with bacon, lettuce, gherkins, cheese, BBQ sauce, hot garlic pepper sauce & served on a brioche bun.

He branded these burgers as 10/10 (&& the best he's ever had) are you convinced yet??

A huge thanks to @fordysfeasts (& his family) for being such great sports & inspiring people everyday to get cooking! We admire how you make delicious food look so easy.

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