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American Smashburgers

Celebrate the 4th of July American style with this booming trend mixing juicy smashed burger patties with delicious toppings - easy & quick to make - guaranteed to impress!

Traditionally topped with American cheese, lettuce, pickles, tomato & burger sauce - but the combinations are endless! Make it a double, triple - even a quadruple!



  • Minced Beef or Meat alternative - 780g

  • American Complete Burger Mix - 100g

  • Water (chilled) - 120ml

  • Cheddar/Mozzarella/Monterrey Jack cheese or alternative slices - 1 per patty.


  1. Add burger complete mix to mince meat and mix thoroughly.

  2. Add iced water and mix thoroughly.

  3. Roll the meat mixture into balls and set aside.

  4. Preheat a pan, skillet or griddle and add oil or butter - add the ball to the pan and press down using a spatula - this is the 'smash' technique.

  5. Press on the patty until cooked and browned before flipping and repeating the process, add cheese or alternative to the patties and cover - allowing it to melt.

  6. Top using your favourite toppings & enjoy.

For Best Results:

  1. The colder the meat and water, the better the appearance and life of the burger.

  2. Leave burgers in the fridge overnight to allow the herbs and spices to marinade with meat.

  3. Use cellophane or greaseproof burger discs between your burgers before they are frozen allowing you to easily separate the burgers before cooking - these are available on our site.

  4. Suitable for freezing.

Nutritional Values per finished product:

Full nutritional values available on site.

Approx 121 Kcal per 100g burger*

Approx 0.5/S per 100g burger*

*Calculated using 5% fat beef mince - not including cheese or toppings.

How-to Video:

Burgers can be fully customised with our wide range of seasonings, suiting all dietary requirements, using any meat of your choice! So if you are looking to cut out the fat or gluten content or are following a vegan, vegetarian or halal diet - we have something for you.

Product Links

American Burger Complete Mix - 100g

American Burger Seasoning - 250g

* If you are following a SW diet, you may want to opt for the seasoning only, this does not contain rusk (breadcrumbs) and will result in lower carb content, as well as being syn free. This will result in a firmer textured burger, or you could add your own breadcrumbs to the mix!*

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