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Chicken Shish Kebabs

A great midweek dinner cooked in the air fryer and served with rice & salad - or the perfect addition to a summer BBQ.

Our shish kebab seasoning is packed full of authentic herbs & spices, giving your chicken (or alternative) the best flavour possible.

&& its also buy one get one free! pay £3.99 for 100g and get 2 x 100g!!

We cook these skewers in the airfryer for this recipe, but these are great for throwing on the BBQ, and can also be premade and frozen for quickness!

We use chicken and bell peppers (to add that tiny bit of goodness) but you can use any eat, veg or alternative - juts follow the same method and adjust cooking times if necessary.


1kg diced chicken

1tbsp neutral oil or alternative (optional)

2 large bell peppers - chopped


Add the diced chicken to a large bowl or container and sprinkle over the shish kebab seasoning, add 1tbsp oil (optional) and mix well until the chicken is coated entirely.

Thread the chicken on to pre soaked bamboo skewers along with the chopped bell pepper (see image), repeat the process until all ingredients are used.

Set aside for at least 2 hours, or ideally overnight, this allows the meat to marinate fully.

Cook in the air fryer at 190C for 12-14 minutes or until cooked through.

Serve alongside rice, salad and bread.

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