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Chinese BBQ Pork ( Char Siu)

A juicy cut of pork with a sticky Chinese BBQ glaze - using our Chinese glaze and a few extra spices - this is perfect for whipping up a Chinese fakeaway at home!

This recipe can be made using any cut of pork, chicken or beef, and can be altered to make it extremely low calorie (use an oil alternative).

We use pork belly in this recipe, but you can use ribs, shoulder or neck fillet (less fat) - the flavour will still be great!


6 slices pork belly

2tbsp soy sauce


  1. In a large bowl or container, add the pork belly and sprinkle over the remaining ingredients, mix well until combined, cover, and leave to marinade for at least an hour, this allows the flavours to marinate.

  2. Cook as preferred - we recommend oven roasting for approx 30 minutes, until tender & crisp, or cook in the air fryer, pan fry or BBQ (adjust cooking times accordingly)

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