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Crispy Chicken Tenders

Looking for a boost of flavour suitable for adults and kids alike? These crispy chicken tenders are juicy & full of flavour - and healthier too! Perfect for the whole family.

This recipe uses our extra tasty chicken seasoning which is packed full of paprika, onion & black pepper - adding a kick of flavour to the crispy coating.

Cooked in the airfryer to achieve maximum crisp with our secret ingredient - cornflakes!



  1. Cut the chicken breast into large strips, add to a bowl an sprinkle over half of the chicken seasoning, mix well until coated & set aside.

  2. Add the beaten egg to a bowl, and in a separate bowl or dish, mix together the crushed cornflakes and the remaining chicken seasoning.

  3. Take each chicken piece and dip into egg, then into the cornflake mixture, until all chicken is coated.

  4. Place in the airfryer, spray with oil and cook at 190C for 12-15 minutes, turning & spraying half way.

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