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Tutorial Videos

A collection of videos showing how to use our favourite products!

Find below handy guides on how to use our best selling seasonings - make your own burgers, link sausages, lorne sausage, scotch pies & more at home with ease!


How-To Use Our Burger Seasonings

An easy to follow tutorial on using our burger complete mixes - if you are using a burger seasoning, you can add rusk or an alternative separately at the mixing stage.


How-To Use Our Sausage Seasonings & Natural Sausage Casings

A tutorial on how to make and fill link sausages using our sausage seasonings along with our sausage stuffer and natural sausage casings - these seasonings can also be used to make square sausage or sausage patties.

Collagen sausage casings tutorial.


How-To Use Our Lorne Sausage Seasoning

An easy to follow tutorial on making your own Lorne Sausage / Square Sausage / Slice Sausage (whatever you call it) at home! No fancy equipment required.

Find it here.


How-To Use Our Marinades & Meat Rubs

How to use our meat glazes (5 minute marinade) simply wet, coat, cook & serve!

Available in over 40 different flavours here.


How-To Use Our Doner Kebab Seasonings

An easy to follow tutorial by one of our best customers (@fordysfeasts on instagram)

Seasoning can be found here.


How-To Make Your Own Scotch Pies - Using Our Pie Kits!

Our kits come with pie shells, lids & seasoning - just add minced meat.

Available here in scotch pie, curry pie & stew pie - more flavours coming soon!

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