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It's Christmas!

We have a huge range of seasonal products available at this time of year, from stuffing mixes, to seasonal herbs & spices, burger mixes and sausage mixes - all can be found in our Christmas category.

We also stock a wide range of cookware & utensils such as tongs, basters, funnels, disposable turkey timers, foil ashets, caterwrap dispensers and much more, guaranteed to make your Festive cooking that little bit easier (and less stressful!)

We love encouraging our customers to experiment with new flavours, techniques and products, and Christmas time is no exception - read on to find out more.

These mixes are simply added to minced meat & water, and filled into our natural or collagen sausage casings. With traditional flavours like herby chipolata or sage & onion, to apricot, orange & cranberry - theres something for everyone.

Why not have a go at the christmas market special and make your own bratwurst or currywurst in the comfort of your own home?

We also stock a range of meat mincers, sausage stuffers & more accessories to help you make sausages at home with ease - it's a lot more simple than you think!

Check out out tutorial post for how-to videos using our seaosnings & eqipment.

A christmas burger just does'nt have the same ring to it does it? You'd be surprised how festive you can make a burger using our delicious seasonings.

A range including christmas turkey burger, cranberry & apple, sage & onion or sriracha & maple. These can be used with any minced meat, turkey, chicken, beef, pork, lamb - and topped with your favourite toppings, why not try some stuffing, cranberry sauce or seasoned mayo??

With our range of seaosnings, burger presses & accessories, you can make your own adventurous (& festive) burgers at home with ease - why not make them mini for party season?

We have a seperate post on the stuffing m,ixes we have available (find it HERE) but we couldn't fail to mention them again!

You don't have to go traditional this christmas, try our apricot orange & cranberry for a fruity twist, or or parsley lemon & thyme, served up with a fish dish!

All of our stuffings can be used with or without minced meat - and some are even gluten free!

Making your own bacon sounds like a daunting task - but it does'nt have to be!

Our various bacon cures are so easy to use, simply rub on to your pork joint, leave for 5-7 days, rinse & slice - delicious bacon!

Check out our full recipes for maple bacon & smoked bacon.

Making your own roasties for christmas dinner this year?

Our range of superior & angus beef dripping is ideal for roast potatoes, chips, yorkshire puddings & more - a great accompaniment to your sunday lunch or Christmsa meals.

Whether its a traditional turkey browning or a flavourful twist you are looking for this festive seaosn - we have you covered.

With a range of seasonal & all year round meat rubs & glazes.

Our rotisserie rub is the star of the show this season - a traditional turkey & chicken browning used in most supermarkets!

Herbs, spices & seaosnings play a huge part in recipes & meals, and this month it's all about ginger, cinnamon, cloves, sage & rosemary.

Find everything you need and more, whether its powdered, whole, flakes, dried - we have it!

From bouillons, peppercorn sauce, gravies & steak pie mix - everything you need to complete your recipes with ease.

Check them out by clicking the title link!

We don't stop at seasonings!

A wide range of quality sausage stuffers, basters, burger presses, funnels & more.

We also have a range of different coloured meat netting, string and twine - ideal for tying up your christmas meat joints, baking or even using as decorations.

Our pop up timers are a best seller at this time of year - and it's no surprise!

These clever little thermometers are inserted into any meat joint (without touching any bones) and pop out when the meat is at the correct internal temperature.

These are the secret to getting the perfect turkey this year!

Available in packs of 2, right up to packs of 20!


We also stock a huge range of herbs, spices, mixed seasonings, curry powders, burger & sausage seaosnings, kebab mixes, meat rubs, gifts & more.

Check them out on Tongmaster Seasonings

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