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Black Pudding

A traditional Scottish dish with a love or hate status - we personally LOVE black pudding and anything with it in.

We use our farmhouse black pudding mix & artificial black pudding casings - both available on our website - to make this tasty pudding, ideal for having with breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Check out our black pudding sausage rolls recipe - a great way to use up leftovers.



  1. Add the minced fat/suet to a large bowl and add the black pudding mix, add 875ml hot water and mix well - this should form a thick slurry, don't worry if it seems too wet.

  2. Leave this to stand and cool almost completely, the mixture will firm up in this time.

  3. Fill into the black pudding casings, tie and cook in boiling water for around an hour, chill and slice.

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