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Tandoori Chicken

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

A great way to get creative in the kitchen! - With just 3 simple ingredients!

Make your own authentic tandoori chicken at home using our tandoori seasoning - customise it to fit your dietary requirements & make it as healthy (or as unhealthy) as you like!



  • 1kg chicken breast or thigh fillets (whole or cut to preferred shape & size)

  • 250g natural yoghurt (or dairy free alternative)

  • 50g tandoori masala seasoning


  1. In a large bowl, bag or container, add the chicken, yoghurt and seasoning powder.

  2. Mix till combined and ensure the chicken is fully coated - cover and leave in the fridge overnight or for a minimum of 2 hours to marinade.

  3. Heat a grill, pan or BBQ till piping hot and place the chicken on, cook until the chicken is cooked through and has a good char on the outside - turning frequently.

  4. Alternatively, place on to skewers to cook.

  5. Serve alongside your favourite accompaniments - why not try our Bombay Potatoes!

Pictorial Recipe

Nutritional Information

See full nutritional info & ingredients on website

Approx 133 Kcals per 100g*

Approx 1/S per 100g*

*Calculated using chicken breast & Low fat natural yoghurt

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