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Homemade Maple Bacon

Tis' the season for all thing maple, and bacon is no exception!

We all know that shop bought bacon is no use, thin, stringy & watery springs to mind!

Our dry cures allow you to make your own delicious bacon easily at home, in just a few days!

Simply rub the meat, cure in the fridge, slice & cook.

This recipe uses a 2kg joint, with around 50g of our maple bacon cure - but keep in mind that this is a ballpark figure, you effectively cannot use too much cure, as long as the joint is well covered & the cure is fully rubbed in, use more/less!

Use this delicious sweet bacon in festive sandwiches, pies, pasta dishes & more.



  1. Rinse the meat joint (remove rind if you wish) and pat dry.

  2. Sprinkle over the bacon cure - we recommend around 1/3 on the rind side, and the rest around the meat, rub the cure in well.

  3. Lay the meat, fat side down, in a suitable bag or tray (this does not have to be sealed shut, just covered well.

  4. Cure, refrigerated for around 4-5 days, flipping & massaging the cure in daily.

  5. Once cured, rinse well and leave to mature for 2 days.

  6. Slice and cook as preferred!

Try using belly pork for delicious streaky bacon, or cutting the rind/fat off to make bacon medallions!

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