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Lorne Sausage

Square sausage / sliced sausage / square slice - whatever it's called on your parts!

Do you know how easy it is to make your own lorne using our seasoning?

Whether you're elsewhere in the UK (or the world) and can't get your hand on it, if you're looking to follow a specific diet or you just fancy trying your hand at something new - this is perfect for you!

Ready in no time, and served up just how you like it, whether that be on a fresh morning roll; or as part of a tasty Scottish breakfast.



  1. Add sausage seasoning to mince meat and mix thoroughly.

  2. Add iced water and mix thoroughly.

  3. Fill into lorne/loaf tin and press firmly to shape and size.

  4. Remove from tin and chill before slicing. (lorne pan)

  5. Leave in fridge overnight to allow the spices to marinade with the meat, then remove from tin and slice. (loaf tin)

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