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Oriental Curry Kits

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Tired of looking for the perfect gift for the foodie in your life?

This kit comes with 10 authentic curry seasonings, in handy reusable pots - with 12 delicious, easy to follow recipes.

Making a whopping 48 portions of curry per kit - this is the ideal gift for someone who loves to cook (or eat..) BUY HERE for just £24.99

Presented in a sleek, resealable gift box - keeping all of the seasonings together & tidied away.

Contains: Singapore Curry Powder, Gluten Free Chinese Curry Sauce, Thai Green Curry Powder, Malaysian Curry Powder, Sri Lankan Curry Powder, Vietnamese Curry Powder, Chinese Curry Sauce, Katsu Curry Sauce, Hot Thai Curry Powder & Panang Curry Powder.


As well as 12 great traditional Asian recipes, with full list of ingredients and easy step by step guide!

You can make:

  1. Chinese Chicken Curry

  2. Thai Green Chicken Curry

  3. Hot Thai Beef Curry

  4. Gluten Free Chinese Chicken Curry

  5. Pork Katsu Curry (Tonkatsu)

  6. Panang Chicken Curry

  7. Malaysian Curry

  8. Sri Lankan Coconut Prawn Curry

  9. Vietnamese Chicken Curry

  10. Singapore Curry Noodles

  11. Sri Lankan Chicken Curry

  12. Beef Massaman Curry

All recipes can be altered to your taste or preference, slightly adjust cooking times to suit.


Grab this now for just £24.99 - that's just 52p per portion! Ideal for chefs & beginners alike.

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